My First Tour

my first tour with my friends was so exciting and interesting.we went to two main cities in south india banglore,mysore.


my tour started from my home town.We started by train .The journey was long was long but it was nothing .We all spent the time playing lots of games and enjoyed a lot.we reached banglore the next day of our tour.banglore is so beautiful and also well developed city. Banglore city is full of trees with these beautiful gold flowers every where.


we  started the tour from visveswarayya technological musuem.It has number of  interesting science experiments.We spent almost 2 hrs in the musuem and still lot left to see.The most interesting thing is a tap which is held in air with water coming out.We dont understand how it is really happening but it is amazing.There are hundreds of interesting things.We gained lots of knowledge


There we went to Shiva temple temple near kempfort.It is almost night and everyone is so tired.But as soon as we got the sight of  big lord shiva idol.we all felt divine and blessed and fotunately laser show is going on that day.we all took lots of pictures.The day ends happy and exciting.

The next day early morning we went to iskon temple . we got early harathi of lord krishna.we bought some prasadam.There we went to mysore through sri ranga patnam .we went to sri ranganadha swamy temple .The temple was very old and built almost decades away.we also went to the place where tippu sultan died fighting the british people.our guide explained the great history of srirangapatnam.

There mysore tour started from mysore palace.The palace was built in thosands of acres with six huge entrance gates.the weapons used by them and all  the family potraits were preserved perfectly.The architecture of the palace was amazing.

The next place was saint Philomina church.This is the second largest church in south india.The church was made of stone and it has a great architecture inside.


There we went to brindavan was on the bank of kaveri river.It was really beautiful.we all busy taking pictures.There is a  laser show going on.We also went near  the bank of kaveri river it was closed.The gardens were really beautiful and amazing.we all became really happy.

The next day we went back to our home town with lots of memories and of course lots of pictures and gifts i bought in banglore.


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